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If you want to bet on Fortnite, you will have a great advantage if you know more about the current form of a team or player. Even if previous results in tournaments might not be a waterproof indication of how upcoming tournaments will go, it is one of the most important ways you can try to predict the result of an upcoming game. Below we explain what statistics that are important in Fortnite, what they mean, and what they tell about a player’s capacity to perform well. The best site to look up statistics of individual players is Fortnite Tracker. The best site to look up tournament statistics and results according to us, is Fortnite Esports Wiki. You can read more about these sites below.


At Fortnite Esports Wiki you can see all information about a team or a player. On each individual team page you can see the current status of the team such as active roster, team logo, what changes the team has done recently and previous results in tournaments. The page also has a tournament portal where you can find information about previous and upcoming tournaments.


Individual stats for a player is interesting for a bunch of reasons. Mainly to get the full scope of all individuals of a team and their potential strengths and weaknesses. Another aspect to look at is how a new player joining a team might affect that team’s performance. Furthermore, a lot of famous teams such as Cloud9 and FaZe has recently recruited a lot of solo players, and in that case the individual statistics is probably the only way you can depict the future outcome of a tournament.

  • Wins Wins indicate the total wins a player has in the game. It’s a merged number consisting of all wins, regardless of the player mode (solo, duo, or squad).
  • Win % This stat shows the win percentage a player has. It’s calculated by taking total wins and divide it by total games played. A high win percentage indicates that the player usually wins while a low percentage indicate that the player often lose games. Therefore, total wins don’t say much if the win percentage is low.
  • Kills The total of opponents the player has killed. It doesn’t say much on its own, but is rather good to look at together with other stats such as how many games the player has played, how many Kills per match and what the Kill-to-Death-ratio of the player is.
  • Kills per match As the name indicates, this stat shows how many opponents a player has killed per game on average. A high kills-per-match number might indicate that the player has an aggressive playstyle and like to fight early in the game, while a low might indicate that a player has a defensive playstyle and avoids fights. Professional players use both tactics, but streamers usually try to seek fights early and often in order to satisfy the viewer.
  • K/D Stands for Kill-to-Death-ratio and is a way to show how many kills a player has per each death. It’s a good indication of a players ability to kill opponents in the game. Popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has an impressive K/D of 11.
  • Top X Top X refers to how often a player is one of the last players alive in a game. Depending on player mode (solo, duo or squad), this number might vary, as it’s more difficult to place top 3 out of a 100 players in solo than top 3 out of 25 teams in squads.
  • Score Based on a number of the above stats, such as how many opponents you have killed, your placement et cetera, a Score is given for every match. The Score stat is the accumulated Score you have received for all your games. A player who has played a lot will have a higher Score than a player who has played fewer games; therefore, this stat might not be a reliable indicator of a player’s skill.


Fortnite Tracker is a tool where you can look up all players, both professional and casual. The site also displays stats for players across many of the platforms where the game is available. Currently, Fortnite Tracker has stats for all players on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Fortnite Tracker TRN In addition to the categories named above, the team behind Fortnite Tracker has developed some unofficial categories:

  • TRN Rating A ranking system where all players are given a score from 0 to 5000. The system tries to give a good indication of a player’s skill and is based on a formula consisting of many different types of stats.  The first time a player is registered on Fortnite Tracker he or she is given 1200 in TSN Rating. Currently the highest ranked player has 4999,1 in rating. Since this is an unofficial way of measuring the skill of a player it should be taken with a grain of salt, but can be fun to look at when tracking your own progress in the game.
  • Rank The rank is based on what TSN Rating a player has compared to other players. Therefore, the player with the highest TSN Rating will also be the one ranked in first place.
  • Leaderboards On the leaderboards tab, you can filter top players based on other categories than TSN Rating. For example, you can see what player has the most Kills, highest K/D, most Wins, most minutes played et cetera.

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