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Fortnite skins are products and add-ons for your character in the game. Skins are only cosmetic, and none of the buyable products in the game will increase your characters ability in any way. Since Fortnite is a free-to-play game, this is the main source of income for Epic Games, the developer. However, it has been lucrative, and has been estimated to have brought approximately 1 billion dollars in revenue for the company.

Skins is a way to make your character more unique and a way to reward players who are loyal to the game. Skins can be bought in the games Item Shop and must be acquired through the games own currency, V-Bucks. To get your hands on some V-Bucks, you have to either deposit real money or get another player to transfer it to you. In terms of conversion rate, $10 will get you 1000 V-Bucks. Some skins are only available through a so-called Battle Pass, which requires you to unlock levels to receive rewards. You unlock levels by playing the game a certain amount of hours during a pre-established length, called a Season. A Battle Pass usually cost around 1000 V-Bucks, while the rewards received in the Battle Pass are free.


Similar to how the equipment in the game is sorted by rarity, the skins are also sorted by rarity. Each skin belongs to a color coded category where the rarity span is from common to legendary. However, the rarity doesn’t necessarily say anything about the supply of the skin, but rather how much it costs in V-Bucks. Below are all skins categories:

  • Common – Grey
    Very common and often available for all players. Are usually given out at special occasions or during some time frame.
  • Uncommon – Green
    As the name suggests are these more uncommon, but are still available to a large portion of players. Skins in this category usually costs around 500 V-Bucks.
  • Rare – Blue
    Rare skins usually cost around 800 V-Bucks in the item shop.
  • Epic – Purple
    Skins in this category costs around 1200-1500 V-Bucks.
  • Legendary – Orange
    Most uncommon skins and also the most expensive to buy. To get your hands on these skins you usually have to pay around 1500-2000 V-Bucks.


There’s a lot of different types of skins in Fortnite. While most intends to change the character looks and equipment, there’s also additional “items” such as emojis, dance moves and emoticons.

Here we list some of the different skin types in Fortnite:

  • Banners
    Banners are avatars that are displayed in the lobby at the start of a game. You can change the color of the banners, while the icons and symbols on the banners can be bought or rewarded to you by accomplishing certain tasks in the game. The icons and symbols are can differ a lot and you can get everything from dolphins to golf balls.
  • Outfits
    As the name suggests, these skins change the outfit of your character. The outfits can vary a lot in both look and price, and range from categories Uncommon to Legendary. Often multiple skins are released within a theme, such as flower power or ski suits.
  • Back Bling
    Back bling is also a type of outfit that can be seen on the back of your character. Examples of back bling is angel wings, boombox and a shark fin. Back bling does not affect the characters backpack, which is part of the equipment in the game. While a backpack gives your character real stats, the back bling is just for cosmetic purposes.
  • Harvesting Tools
    Your character starts of with a pickaxe which is used to break down material such as wood, stone or metal. The pickaxe can have different skins. How about a pizza slicer or a balloon axe?
  • Gliders
    The glider is what makes the character jump off the bus at the start of the game. This can be changed with skins, so you can glide on a teddy bear or umbrella for example.
  • Contrails
    Contrails refers to the visual trails from your player when jumping off the Battle Bus. These can be changed with skins, making it available to leave traces of glitter, bubbles or rainbow colors on your way down.
  • Loading Screens
    The loading screen is what you see when loading in to the game. Here you can buy different backgrounds displaying in a postcard manner.
  • Emotes
    Your characters moves or hand motions can be bought as emotes. Popular emotes includes dance moves and giving thumbs up or down.
  • Emoticons
    Emoticons are icons and symbols you can display above your characters, for example different smiley faces.
  • Sprays
    Similar to emoticons, sprays are icons and symbols that can be sprayed on buildings and structures as graffiti.
  • Toys
    Toys is a type of skin that your character can throw or play with in the game. It does not affect the game, but it sure looks cool when you throw a basketball on someone.


Except for the Item Shop, there’s no available market for skins and skin trading. A lot of sites claims it is possible through them by doing surveys and other stuff, but as of right now it is not possible. Fortnite did, however, recently release a Gifting System, which may lead to the possibility in the future to transfer skins. It could also potentially change the way the market for skin trading will look going forward and may open up the possibility to bet on skins. For now, real money betting is the only type of available betting on Fortnite. Check out our front page for a list of available esport deposit bonuses.

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