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In order to keep up with the latest Fortnite news, there are a couple of good sites you should check out. Depending on whether you want updates on the game, updates on the esport scene, or news about profiles in the professional and streaming scene, you can find it here.


All different news surrounding Fortnite can affect your betting, but most crucial are the news concerning teams and players. First, you should make sure you are up to date with current Fortnite stats of the teams and players. It’s also good to do your research on the different betting sites, and keep track of which ones will give you the best odds and variations of bets.


In order to be constantly updated about the game, the best source is the official channels of Fortnite and the developer Epic Games. Sites and accounts run by Epic Games are the following:

  • – News
    Here you can find the latest official information and news as well as upcoming features and tournaments.
  • Fortnite – Twitter
    Basically you get the same information as the website, but in real time. Epic Games twitter is a must follow to keep daily track of new features, skins and tournaments.
  • Fortnite – Twitch
    On this page you can watch official tournaments, both live and as VoDs. As Fortnite is growing, more tournaments will be held, but there’s already a lot of good tournament content to watch here.


There’s a lot of magazines and journalists covering esports. If you want to be updated in the Fortnite esport scene, the following pages deserves a visit:

  • Dot Esports
    Dot Esports covers all popular esports, even Fortnite. It’s a good site to bookmark if you want to keep track of tournaments and results.
  • is a site covering all news in Esports, from smaller to bigger . A good page to read about news affecting the scene but also if you want to see results or what popular streamers of different games that are currently online.
  • Fortnite Esports Wiki – News
    This site gives you updates about teams and miscellaneous information about players and tournaments. A must for the devoted fan who wants to get the full scope of tournament rules, rosters and prize pool money.


Here you can find some other established esport sources that may provide you with Fortnite updates:

  • ESPN Esports
    One of the worlds largest platform for both traditional sports and esports. A good site for people who enjoys quality journalism within esports.
  • YouTube
    On the world’s largest video platform you can find a lot of videos on Fortnite. You can find both highlights from players, as well as tips and news. Unlike what you might find on the developers official channels, you can get the players and pros opinions on news of the game.

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