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In a short amount of time, Fortnite Battle Royale has become one of the world’s most popular games. Both in terms of player base and streaming viewership, the game has broken record after record. One of the major reasons for Fortnites success is the fact that it’s a action packed game that suits every kind of player – even artists and sports celebrities such as Drake and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The game is still growing rapidly, and in 2018 it had been played by over 200 million people. Although Fortnite is free to play, the main source of income to the developer Epic Games has been cosmetics and add-ons, none of which gives the player an advantage. It’s estimated that the company earned $3 billion in revenues from skins, only in 2018. With this huge success comes tournaments, superstar players, merchandise and of course betting.


Since Fortnite is a new game, its competitive scene is in an early stage. Therefore not many gambling sites offer Fortnite betting yet. Not to worry, we have compiled all the sites within Fortnite betting here on the site. You can also feel safe that we have screened all the operators and the one’s listed here has many years of experience within the gambling industry as well as a high level of security.

In addition to betting with real money, you can also bet with skins you have bought or acquired in the game. That way you can win more unique and rare skins for your character. We generally feel that skin betting attracts unsecure and unethical operators, so instead we recommend real money betting on big trusted names listed here.


Fortnites’ player base have been growing steadily since it first came out in 2017. This, and the announcement from developer Epic Games to add 100 million dollars in prize pool money for tournaments, is an indication that the game will continue to grow as an esport.

The game has the potential to become the world’s largest esport and take on top titles such as DotA 2, CS:GO and League of Legends. By nature though, Battle Royale games can be messy to watch as there’s a lot of players (up to 100 at the start of the game) playing simultaneously. The tournament format has been tried out in different ways and still isn’t set, making it hard to predict how big the betting scene for the game will be. What we know though is that more and frequent tournaments are coming up in the near future, especially since Fortnites fan base is exploding. With this in mind, the future for Fortnites esport scene is certainly looking bright. 


If you want to start betting on Fortnite, there’s a lot of different sites offering a variety of bonuses. How much bonus you get depends on the site and the sum you deposit. There’s also different types of bonuses – some match a percentage of your deposit, while some can offer you a risk free bet.


As the name suggests, Fortnite Battle Royale is a game in the “Battle Royale”-genre. The genre got a huge breakthrough in 2017 when PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) was released. During that time, Epic Games had released their game Fortnite as a Player-vs-Environment (PvE) game, but changed priorities and later that year released their own version of a Battle Royale-game for Fortnite.

Like most of the games in the Battle Royale-genre, Fortnite is a multiplayer game where your only mission is to be the last survivor or team. The game can be played in different modes; solo, duo or squads, with a maximum squad of 4 players. At the start of the game, 100 players jump out from a flying bus. The bus has random routes that differ from game to game, but is always going across the map, which allows players to choose when to jump off.

When the players land on the map they are completely empty-handed, and instantaneously the hunt for equipment, or “loot”, begins. The loot is divided into different categories based on how rare it is. To easily spot how rare an item is, there’s a span from “common” to “legendary” with color coding. The different colors are:

  • Common – Grey
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange

Meanwhile the player is looking for equipment and fighting opponents there’s also a circle  on the map that’s constantly decreasing. A player needs to be inside the circle, called the safe zone, in order to avoid taking damage. Being outside the safe zone at later stages of the game can be fatal, as the damage increase as the circle decreases. The circle makes players constantly move around on the map and eventually force players to meet each other.

Something that makes Fortnite stand out from other Battle Royale-games is the option to destroy objects to gather materials around the map, such as wood, metal and stone. The material can be used to build and craft structures, which is useful when encountering an enemy. The structures can be used to either shield yourself inside, or to get on top of an enemy by gaining height. This gives the game an extra dimension, as it’s not only important to have quick reflexes or good aim, but it’s also crucial to be able to build good structures quickly. Fortnite is an easy game for the beginner to understand, but mastering it can be hard. Pro player TSM_Myth has a great video giving advice and pointing out crucial structures that can help you win more games:


When it come to betting odds for Fortnite, it can be a good advice to check out different sites before you place a bet. Since the game is still new and the competitive format can change from each tournament, the betting sites may have a harder time setting odds compared to more established sports. That may bring an opportunity for the one betting, so make sure you check out the odds on all sites.


In order to have an advantage when betting on Fortnite, it’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of the game. The easiest way to learn the game is of course to play it, but you can also watch streams of good and educational players in order to understand the game on a deeper level. Some of the big streamers is Ninja, Tfue and TSM_Myth. The latter is also competing in the game and can therefore be good to follow to keep up with upcoming tournaments.

If you want to keep yourself updated with news around tournaments and teams, be sure to check out our News page.

Another good advice is to keep up with statistics for teams and players. This can give you insight on what teams and players are on a good run – and which ones are not.

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